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Friday, January 15, 2010

Educational Website Review: Verbalearn.com

I recently had the opportunity to review verbalearn.com, both the free program and the paid Verbalearn Plus program.  I will start by telling  you I like it.

Verbalearn.com   is a website that helps students improve their vocabulary by focusing on words they don't know.  In it's simplest version Verbalearn allows you to insert your vocabulary words into the website, or
it can recommend words for you.  It will then test you on the words using multiple choice sentences.  The program will take words you already know of of the list so you can concentrate on the words you don't know.  Depending upon the level of membership you choose, you can download words on an MP3 player, use the words in crossword puzzles, or review flashcards.

Sure, there are other programs that allow you to play with your words online and in downloads, but Verbalearn is superior as it will help a student study words according to grade level, standardized tests, or ESL needs.

There are three levels of membership available.  The first level is free, and allows students to build word lists and review them in context (fill in the blank multiple choice sentences.) The second level Verbalearn Plus which is only $19.99 (one time fee) In addition to the other features, it includes MP3 studylists, advanced review, video flashcards, crossword puzzles, and the ability to print flashcards.  In the third version, for only $40.00 one time fee, students can also have the chance to earn their money back as they learn their vocabulary words.

I highly recommend this program for homeschoolers and others too.

See the Press Release of the program here:    Vocabulary Site VerbaLearn.com Guarantees Higher SAT, GRE and ACT Test Scores

(I was not paid for this website review)


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