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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mommas have to socialize too.

I have been making it a point this year to network more with other homeschoolers, writers, and business women.  Today, I did both... in duplicate. 

I had breakfast with a business owner/homeschooling mom and her daughter... my daughter of course was there.  Then in the late afternoon, I met another writer/homeschooling mom on her way through Atlanta from Detroit to Florida.  She took a little detour and we talked, and talked, and talked...  poor thing had to get back on the road...  She's a machine... I don't think I would do it. 

It feels to great to meet with like minded women, who I have soooo much in common with.  Not that I don't have plenty in common with other homeschooling moms, but these two women were particularly  of a similar mindset as me. 

Tomorrow morning I meet with one of my best friends that I hardly ever see.  ... after I drop the kids off for their Arts program.


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