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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Classes for homeschooling parents?

I noticed an ad in the margin of facebook today.  It said  something to the effect of, "Homeschooling your children? Take online classes to improve your effectiveness".

It kind of made me mad.  This $99 course entitled homeschool with success, struck me as something to take advantage of parents who might be insecure about homeschooling.  I doubt that it teaches any more than can be read in a free book found at the library.

~Do you think this could be a helpful course for homeschoolers?


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Mrs. C said...

Save some money if you enroll here:

Offered by the same instructor, but alongside other "personal enrichment" courses such as how to *ahem* massage your "partner" properly.


Welll... I guess if you don't know any homeschoolers and are thinking about it, the $99 would be worth it. Maybe.

All American x5 said...

Absolute balderdash! It makes me a bit mad as well.

Homeschooling parents and their inadequacies being preyed upon.

Parents are the best educators for their children because they have a personal interest in the education being provided for their children.

That is what is being lacked in the Public School System...A personal interest in each child.

Another scam!

Anonymous said...

Clearly not a scam; it's taught by professors and offered at local colleges. Every homeschooling parent needs to start somewhere.

BUT I haven't taken it or know anyone who has taken it, so I can't say whether or not it will effectively teach a parent what he/she needs to know. The greatest value in the class might be tips from the instructors, stories of success, personal tips on techniques, and other things like that.

Ann said...

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