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Monday, April 12, 2010

Homeschoolers and The Arts

 We returned from North Carolina last night after attending the CITA (Christians in the Theatre Arts) Secondary School Theatre Festival.  Our homeschool program (Artios) and four or five others theater and musical performances of all types.  There was so much talent there, I could hardly contain myself.  All of the kids in our group got excellent or superior ratings in one or more of their performances including my daughter who got excellent ratings in both her musical solo and her group scene.  One girl in our group got a best of her category award.  Of course, I am very proud. My daughter has done performances and been in plays before, but this is the first time she has been up against such as huge number of other talented performers!  I am very proud of her performances.  ...And she is already looking for theater pieces to perform next year. 

While the school we visited over the weekend (where the event was held) had a tremendous drama and arts departments with probably 1000 costumes, 50 wigs, and hundreds of instruments, I have to say that I think that our homeschoolers have the advantage of being able to follow and focus on their passions and make the arts a large part of their homeschooling experience.

Think about it.  The kids at the festival certainly blew our minds with their level of skill and their talents.  Our students however, held their own even though and were able to compete at the same level even though they don't get daily attention from directors and teachers as the other students do.   Our kids' talents are truly driven by their own passion for the arts and lots of independent study.  While they may only have a few hours a week to hone their skills with an expert in their field, their results are still up to par with those who have an instructor 5 days a week, plus the access to all the instruments, costumes, and venues for performing that they desire.

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