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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Carnival of Educators, Summer Break Edition

We are on summer break here... sort of.  As year-round homeschoolers we don't really take the summer off, but we scale back the school work and take off any weeks when we are actually on vacation. 

Where it relates to the Carnival of Educators, I need a break... I really, really do.  So I am discontinuing this carnival for a while planning to re-start it in the fall. 

Until then, please patronize the Carnival of Education.

Here is this weeks Carnival Entries:

Welcome to the June 9, 2010 edition of carnival of educators.

Basil presents Our Society of Grades posted at Teen College Education, saying, "The truth about how our society is raising children and teens. Grades are the only thing that matter and points are more important than experience."

Cody Lettau presents Ten Tips for College Preparation posted at College Conundrum.

Mathew Needleman presents Good Teaching Should Be Like Pulling Teeth (Sometimes) posted at Creating Lifelong Learners.

Aaliyah Williams presents The Ultimate Guide to the Special Education Teacher Career posted at Masters in Special Education, saying, "With over two million new special education teaching careers expected this year, you might think about seeking a career in this field. What is involved in this career track, and what can you expect as far as the training you’ll need, the earnings you’ll make and other related occupations that might capture your interest?"

Baily Hayden presents 5 Social Media Sites for Scientists posted at Masters in Clinical Research, saying, "Throughout history Scientists have made the most important discoveries by working together, bouncing ideas off one another, and helping each other succeed. Now, through social networking and media sites, scientists have even more access to working together from all over the world."

Christine Seivers presents Top 10 Reasons People Need to Get an EKG posted at EKG Technician Training.

Fred Lee presents It’s Just Adderall: College Students High on Focus for Finals posted at Parenting Squad.

george.janet866 presents The Ultimate Guide to Informatics Open Courseware posted at Masters in Informatics, saying, "Students of Informatics can find the leading edge resources to analyze, research and create computer systems and technology online. Open Courseware is everywhere, making answers and information easily accessible to students."

Rick Sincere presents Graduation Day at PVCC posted at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts, saying, "When Piedmont Virginia Community College had its 37th annual commencement on May 14, the featured speakers were Virginia Secretary of Education Gerard Robinson and Joshua Mlcoch, who graduated that day with two degrees. I caught both speeches on video."

Jack Benny presents How to: Get an Online Degree While You?re in the Army, Navy or Air Force posted at Military Online Colleges, saying, "There are many universities and colleges across America that offer quality online education to the men and women that serve in the American armed forces."

Scott H presents What Are the Largest Online Universities in the US? posted at top 10 online universities, saying, "Online colleges and universities have gained popularity over the years for the flexibility and freedom they offer to their students. It's interesting to note which ones are the largest."

Maureen Fitzsimmons presents 7 Free Web Apps for Distance Learners posted at CNA Class Online, saying, "If you have access to the internet there is a wealth of different web apps and even iPhone apps available to distance learners and eLearners, giving everyone a fair opportunity to learn important knowledge and skills that is essential for achieving their dreams."

Fred Lee presents The Lasting Impact of Daycare posted at Parenting Squad.

Pamela Jorrick presents Aquarium of the Pacific posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

Fred Lee presents Got Tuition? College Loan Program About to Change posted at Parenting Squad.

Isabella Smith presents 10 Reasons to Be Glad You Didn’t Go to High School in China posted at Online University Lowdown, saying, "Discipline is a huge part of Chinese lifestyle and this introduced at an early age and drilled in through high school, giving students a true taste of real life in China."

Wendy Piersall presents Summer Worksheets posted at Classroom Jr., saying, "Here's a big selection of summer worksheets, printables and coloring pages to make summer skills review fun."

Josh Andrews presents Win a Roku Box!! Father’s Day Contest posted at SuperCoolSteals.

Wise Bread presents Degrees of Frugality: 7 Tips for the College-Bound posted at Wise Bread.

hendrik presents How to Improve our English posted at Hendrik's English Journal.

That concludes this edition. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our

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Hendrik said...

well, enjoy your summer vacation break.You really need it as I am sure that you have worked hard. I also need a break. But I can not do it now. Thank you. You have a nice blog.