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Monday, June 07, 2010

Colleges On Our Long List: University of Redlands

Yes, we have started looking at colleges with a rising Jr, and a rising Sophmore.  Our long list (for our son) should turn into a short list in a year. 

As a homeschooling beginning to start the college search process with her children, I am drawn to colleges that allow you to design your own program. The University of Redlands in California is one of those colleges that allows you to "Design Your Own Education".

The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands has a "radical vision for undergraduate education". For over 20 years, this program trusts in the students ability to active in their own education process and take ownership over their studies. This program currently has 200 students who live and work together in the Johnston complex in their own little areaq of the University of Redlands.

My kids may or may not end up in a program such as this, but it is good to know that these options exist for independant learners like my own.

In addition to the Johnston Center, the University of Redlands also has a traditional education program with over 40 available majors. It has ranked been ranked a top university for three decades and is a top California University. It is part of the Inland Empire college system and is a top notch California business school.

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