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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homeschool blogger alert! Someone is stealing content

I have observed that a homeschool "blog" is stealing content and posting it as their own. They are mostly stealing questions and answers from boards.

Please unite and help take steps to stop this junk site from stealing our traffic and hard work.

WalletPop Contributor


susanlemons said...

This person has stolen entire blog posts from me as well. What's worse, my last name is "Lemons" and this person states that ALL their content is by "Lemon." So frustrating! I also posted a reply and stated that they did not have permission to use my post, but to no avail. This person even removed the links embedded in my post, and replaced them with advertisments. Perhaps we should contact the advertisers?!
I will post an alert on my blog, too...good idea.
Susan Lemons

Ahermitt said...

That is horrible. I put out alot of twitter alerts as well, as numerous people were tweeting their information and I asked them not to forward their blog as they were lifting content.

Mrs. C said...

Ninja, huh?

Well... Certainly excerpts and linking back would be permissible. In fact, you could have a whole "best of homeschool blogs" type website if you're careful to attribute. It would be a worthwhile thing, having a nice little clearinghouse of "best posts of the day" or whatever.

I am sorry this is happening to you, Susan.

Deana (The Frugal Homeschooling Mom) said...

Me too - he's plagiarized a whole article of mine. And a friend of mine as well.

What CAN we do? I'm in for doing whatever I have to in order to make this stop. And I'm sure my friend would be as well.

Ahermitt said...

Tweet it, blog it, pass the word. contact any large companies that they are plagarizing... I contacted one yesterday that is following up on it. The larger companies will take them down.