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Friday, August 06, 2010

Homeschool Book Purge: Middle School

I am cleaning out my shelves to make room for this year's curriculum.  (Versus buying a new bookshelf!)

Since I did so well selling a few items last week, I decided to list my old homeschool books on Ebay.  As I had duplicates of many of the books, with 2 kids taking local co-op type classes during the middle school years, these books I am selling are in pretty good condition. 

All but one of these books were used successfully by my kids in the middle school years.  I highly recommend them!

They are for sale on Ebay and started at .99 cents.  See partial list below:

  • Analytical Grammar student workbook Homeshool gr 6-8
  • BJU Spanish 2 Teachers Edition Activities manual
  • The Boy's King Arthur Middle School History Novel
  • Signs & Seasons by Jay Ryan Grade 6-8 Astronomy
  • Middle School history Augustus Caesars World -Foster
  • Exploring Creation with Botany by Jeannie Fulbright , Apologia Books: Science Middle School Botany
  • Monarchs of the Nile by Aidan Dodson , Homeschool History Novel, Ancient Times, Egypt
  • Abraham Lincoln's World by Genevieve Foster, Homeschool History Novel, Beautiful Feet Books
  • Story of the Middle Ages Homeschool Classical History , Medieval History Book, Middle school ~Christine Miller
  • Write Source 2000 Middle to High school Homeschool, A Guide to Writing, Thinking and Learning Language arts
  • Augustus Caesars World by Genevieve Foster Grades 6-8, History Novel Beautiful Feet Books Ancient Times

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