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Monday, August 02, 2010

Homeschoolers Tour SCAD Atlanta

The kids and I had an excellent morning touring SCAD Atlanta. I was prepared to not be impressed because although the college has a stellar reputation of educating and hiring out talented artists and designers. The main campus is in Savannah GA  (which we will visit soon). I fully expected a skeleton of a college, with deserted halls, especially since we visited during summer session.

I was wrong. SCAD Atlanta, made me want to go back to college. It strongly impressed my daughter though their theater major is in Savannah, she loved the interior design and fashion design departments too.

The college made my too-cool-for-school son GIDDY. This is a kid that doesn't show emotion.... but this school moved him. I couldn't ask for a more creative environment for a graphic arts/ media type person.

It is definately at the top of my son's list. While it is a longshot, my daughter hopes they add a theater department to the Atlanta Campus in the next 3 years so she can go there.

As far as homeschool specific information, there was none, but they do actively recruit homeschoolers, having recently attended the GHEA homeschool convention. If you want a scholarship, prepare a killer portfolio.

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