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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teaching science and social studies in elementary homeschool

I had a conversation with a new homeschooler today asking about teaching science and social studies to homeschoolers.  She is planning to use Time4learning, and wants to supplement those two subjects.  I followed up our conversation with an email to give her links to specific materials I had mentioned.  Here is the bulk of the email: 

Here are the main books I used for History and science in elementary school grades... and I am still using them!

The Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia

We used Artios Academies classes (one day a week classes) for History through the Arts. Another option is to use the reference books and create a time-line teaching them a different time period each year.  This is very popular with Classical homeschooling methods.

A newer series for teaching history to young ones is The Story of the World series which allows you to teach history in the order it happened.  It reads like a story which children will find fascinating.

For science, I lingered on scientific happenings for the time period the kids were studying as well as using the time4learning science.  We also did some experiments.  My favorite science supplement books for young ones are:

Developing Critical Thinking Through Science Grade 1-3
Developing Critical Thinking through science grade 4-6

These are great for once a week use. 

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