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Monday, August 16, 2010

Why I am video blogging again

I had stopped making video blogs because of technical difficulties and also because I got many ugly (and racist) responses for no good reason.

But today is a new day.

I am making video blogs again for 3 reasons:

1. Too many of my kids homeschool friends are returning to traditional schools as they enter the high school years. While that is OK and each parent must do what they feel is best, I would like to encourage those on the fence to consider sticking to homeschooling and finishing strong.

3. I have seen far to many pushouts and drop-outs from public school with no means of completing their education. I feel they can use homeschooling to finish and get into a good college.

3. Just from my personal experience alone, I can see that homescholing is growing exponentially. I would love to be a person that helps influence that growth.

See video below:

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Crystal Star said...

Thank you for video posting again. I am glad that you are standing up for homeschooling and wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you are doing it.

Erin J said...

Thanks for coming back! I must tell you that I am going into my 4th school year homeschooling and your vids were a great incouragement for me and my family in the beginning. Your vids have always been honest and refreshing. Now I make vids about homeschooling too. lol! Keep sharing with us newbies we need your veteran perspective to keep us motivated.

Mrs. J said...

I'm glad you are video blogging again. Stay strong and don't let people deter you from sharing information about homeschooling. Realize they are making racial comments in order to stop you from doing what you love to do--Homeschool.