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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Homeschooling and Black History

 The other day, I wrote about my anxiety about teaching the hard parts of American History, most specifically black history.  The good news, is that once I write these things down and get them out of my heart, I am pretty much over it.

Now I get to enjoy the good parts about it.  Yesterday we spent an hour discussing westward expansion and
thanks to homeschooling were able to linger over the part about the black migration to Kansas.  Did you ever learn that?  I don't remember being taught that in school.  Have you even heard about Pap Singleton?   Check this out!  See the "Explore: Exodus to Kansas" section.

Benjamin "Pap" Singleton was a former slave from Tennessee to claimed land in Kansas and built two black colonies in from around 1869 and through the 1880's.  He led so many people out of the hostile post-civil war south that a Senate committee was launched  to investigate.  If you are interested at all in black history, this lesson is an excellent read!

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Mrs. C said...

Hopefully this isn't a really obvious one and I don't look dopey, as if I were going on your blog and asking, "Hey, have you heard about this Martin Luther King fellow?"

Anyway, fwiw this is an historical figure I'd never heard of before until I started homeschooling. :)

Ahermitt said...

Speaking of dopey, I had to look up FWIW! Anyway, I had never heard of him either and this curriculum was probably not going to mention him, so thanks!

Mrs. C said...


You're welcome! :)