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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The ingorance surrounding homeschooling

I mentioned yesterday, the Today Show Online article on homeschooling.

I said I woud go back and read the comments, and I did.... at least a quarter of them anyway.  It has left me exhausted.

It's not that I knew it existed, but the inorance around homeschooling continues to astound me.

  • There were the verbal bullies who wanted to state just how backwards and socially awkward homeschoolers are. 
  • There were those who took the fact that others homeschool personally... as if it hurt them in someway.
  • Then there were the scores of homeschoolers who felt it necessary to defend themselves and the movement. 
I found it all ingnorant.  (and yes, I've been guilty of such ingorance in my past)

As much as I wanted to comment, I held back not wanted to add to the gang mentality that says, think as I think, or do as I do, or we can't be friends.  Even those who want to agree to disagree... I see no point to it. 

As long as you are not breaking any laws, what does it matter if someone doesn't approve of the way you educate your kids?  As long as they are not affecting your life or hurting and innocent person, why do you care how someone else is educating their child?

I feel like if people were really content within themselves, they wouldn't be so bent out of shape with what other people do or say.... about anything

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