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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gosselin Homeschooling

It seems like the Gosselin family may be bringing more visibility to homeschooling without even intending to.  Expulsion or not (which is highly debated) two of the children are no longer going to school and are now being tutored at home. As Kate tells it, two of the children were stuggling with anger issues and so she decided that they would be best served at this time at home.

I have to admit to being impressed with Kate Gosselin for the very first time since I heard of her. 

She has made plain to the world that when the school can no longer serve the child's needs that it is the responsibility of the parent to find a solution.  That could mean homeschooling the child yourself.  That could mean paying for a tutor.  That could mean finding an alternative school.  Regardless, she has done what homeschoolers have been doing for the last 3 decades, and no one can argue that it was the right move for her children.

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