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Sunday, January 09, 2011

New Writing Gig

I have been writing homeschool articles for new website.  Here are my most recent Articles:

Homeschool and a GED Program Homeschool and the GED program is a sticky subject in homeschooling circles. Homeschoolers tend to frown upon the GED as it gives the impression that the student is a drop-out. Still, the GED is an easy way to prove the student has reached a public school graduate equivalent in education.

Pre-Algebra Instruction for Homeschool Pre-algebra is the bridge between elementary school math, consisting of introductions to forms of higher math from algebra to statistics. Pre-algebra for homeschool instruction typically begins with strengthening previously taught concepts and ends with solving basic algebraic equations.

Tips on How to Get Caught Up When You Are Behind in Homeschooling  Homeschoolers get behind in their curriculum for numerous reasons. Whether life circumstances interfere with homeschooling or the child just progresses slowly in a subject these tips on how to get caught up when you are behind in homeschooling will help you.
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