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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spanish for Sophie

The following guest post introduces an interesting approach to learning Spanish: 

 Authored by Leandro Delgado

I wanted to teach my daughter a second language, Spanish, so that she could communicate with my side of the family, which was from Mexico. She is only four and it definitely makes sense to teach her now while she’s so absorbent so I signed us up for clear wireless internet so we could start taking Spanish tutorials together online. She has a private tutor who speaks with her via webcam once a week and the other days she does lessons on her own, usually in some type of game or cartoon which she finds really fun and stimulating. She’s picking Spanish up so quickly, I can’t believe it, and pretty soon she&r! squo;ll be speaking it better than I do! She can already pronounce many of the vocabulary words from items in our home and she’s loving the online tutor. He’s in Mexico and we’ve all agreed to meet up the next time I go home to visit my family, which should be lots of fun. I’m glad I started her young and hopefully she’ll thank me!

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