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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Choosing GA Virtual School over Ga Cyber Academy

It may seem odd that I have chosen to use a public school program to help homeschool my kids.  I have always been against public school at home, so I guess I should make a statement about this.

First,. because we could not get dual enrollment for my son's senior year, I wanted something to show to colleges that he was at the same level as high school kids.

Second, while Georgia Virtual School is sponsored by the state, it keeps the parent in control of what the child will take and even gives flexibility in scheduling.

Third, it is not Georgia Cyber Academy, in which the school makes all educational choices for the child.  I strongly dislike Georgia Cyber Academy because kids who are struggling in school, would almost never be successful in it.

Anyway, we chose to take a couple of online classes this year through Georgia Virtual School.  My son is taking Physics, Spanish, and a math class.  As I am not equipped to teach the spanish or physics, I had to find something, and this is free... more  money for college.  My daughter is taking Mandarin Chinese... there is no way I can help her with that.... for this reason, I am finding individual classes at Georgia Virtual School quite useful for my needs.

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Update:  Didn't have an awesome experience with Georgia Virtual School.  I only recommend if your kids can follow a typical school schedule... which sucks all of the fun out of homeschooling.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence says Georgia Cyber Academy when I believe you meant GA Virtual School.

By the way, we are using Georgia Cyber Academy and I know MANY people who have children who were struggling in brick and mortar schools who are having success with GCA. I can connect you with some if you would like.

Ahermitt said...

Thanks for the edit and input

Anonymous said...

I am a Georgia Cyber Academy student and I started out struggling but they helped me catch up and now I am ahead in most of my classes. They taught me so much and they are always there when I need to call or email them a question.
I also have looked into my college options and GCA is a great home school to help me get into college. I plan on going to school to be an anesthesiologist and so far I'm good enough to go to any college I want.
I think its easy to say that I prefer Georgia Cyber Academy over Georgia Virtual School.

Anonymous said...

We're attempting to enroll my dd in GAVS ( Ga virtual school) beginning a month ago, and they do not respond to emails and their phone option just goes to a message that says you can only communicate by email. How do you deal with an online school you can't communicate with?

We've also tried Georgia K-12, and found no two people there know what the others are doing, or have the same information. They repeatedly loose application parts we fax ( and which we have proof were accepted by their fax machine). They also say they can't accomodate anything unusual ( my dd was homeschooled all but last year, and also missed half a year of school due to illness - that completely threw them and they denied her application), and when I said the sales staff ensure me they can deal with this, I'm told their own sales staff doesn't know what they're talking about. Oh, and they're not MAC compatible but don't know it, and don't know if their student site is. How could you not know that?

I'll try GCA next, and let you know how it goes

Ahermitt said...

Georgia virtual school just started charging $250 per class per semester. Georgia cyber academy IS k-12. I recommend using free Internet resources instead.

georgia high school mom said...

I'm here to sound an alarm. I just HAD to find somewhere to post about our family's experience with Dublin City Schools Virtual Program. It was bad from the word "go". Broken, hidden links, passwords that don't work, being placed in elective classes that my child had already taken, days and weeks of lost learning time trying to resolve the chaos while the semester clock is ticking. What a stressful...awful...nightmare!!! I enrolled my child in private school after one semester of pure frustration with Dublin City Schools virtual program. It's such a shame, too. The teachers are helpless to change it. Most of them are really good, and are just trying to make the best of a horrible situation. Bottom line... STAY AWAY FROM Dublin City Schools virtual program!

Anonymous said...

Omg My child is currently enrolled in the aventa program there .we live in augusta, ga and have to drive almost 2 hours for testing this will be her last year. I feel we were mislead by the k12 l got told they dont have anything to do with it after the fact. l dident know it was a bad school but when I went for the ga. Writing test I saw for myself so im on the search once again.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a 7th grade student at Ga cyber academy and it has been the absolute WORST experience! I wouldn't recommend it to a circus monkey! The teachers and administration have no clue what's going on and are absolutely no help at all. My daughter is very advanced in ELA but has trouble with math, I contacted her "teacher" about some extra help and was told that there was nothing that they could do. Ga cyber academy is a joke, we're transferring out of this mess immediately!

Maria Melyanets said...

Where did you trensfer to? And how did you like it. I am looking for online school for my child. Thanks

Ahermitt said...

Sorry to reply so late @Maria Melyhanets, but it has been 5 years since I wrote this. We didn't transfer, just went back to homeschooling without cyberschool assistance as we had been before. Both kids are not graduated and college is nearly done at that point. What I learned, is that I needed to be more secure to do the research and trust my kids to learn without government assistance, because it was sub-par.