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Friday, July 01, 2011

Ready for a New School Year

It is July, and it is time to get going with the new school year.  

Daughter is getting a jump on Geometry to have enough of it under her belt in time for the PSAT.  
Son is finishing his art portfolio to get his college applications out. 

I have posted and updated our book and program choices for the year.  
For daughter, I decided to assign her reading.  Normally, I choose every other book for her to make sure she gets a good dose of classics.  However, I looked at a 100 books list that you should read before college and realized that she's only read about half with 2 years to go.  Then I realized that I owned  Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces and it contained many of the books that I wanted her to read, so that's that.  She must read the full anthology, and since she can put away 100 pages a day normally, she will be finished with it by Christmas.  Then she can read whatever she ants.  

For son, I am waiting to hear from the college who is waiting for his last ACT test scores... they are held up for some reason.  If they don't accept him (GA state schools hold homeschoolers to a higher standard) then we he can take the dual enrollment classes online at a private college. 

I am hoping to have everything finalized soon.

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