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Friday, September 16, 2011

Georgia Cyber Academy does not equal Homeschooling

Georgia Cyber Academy was profiled on the local news.

 That's all find and Dandy.  It is working for a lot of kids, although I also hear from a lot of kids it does not work for.   But, if it rocks your boat, go for it.

But.... Please don't call it homeschooling.

If public school at home, and homeschooling  becomes synonymous, people who want to homeschool without the governments help will lose their rights.

Ok... so I need to add a disclaimer here.

My kids are using Georgia Virtual School, which is individual classes provided online to all kids in the state, should they want to partake.

It walks the line between homeschool and public school.  It is taught by public school teachers and paid for by the state, but the parent remains in charge of what the kids take.

(I dare say that if we don't agree with a grade, we could technically re-evaluate the kid and assign our own grade. )

Anyway, I am kinda preaching to myself here.  Let's not confuse terms.  It seems nitpicking, but we are dealing with people's freedoms here.

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