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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I never thought I fit in with other homeschoolers

Ever since we began homeschooling, I have felt like a strange egg in a sea of strange ducks.  I know I am not a typical parent because I don't have patience for a lot of the mom stuff, especially school stuff.  So as I homeschooler, you would think I'd fit right in... right?  Nope.  No.

I hear all of these enthusiastic homeschoolers talking curriculum and such and my eyes glaze over, and I am pretty sure my lazy eye crosses because people start looking at me funny. Everybody wants to share tips.  Every body wants to make judgement on someone who they think may not be homeschooling just right.  Everybody wants to agree. But here's how I see it.  If I wanted to follow instructions, I would have left my kids in school.

I have been visiting over at Rants From Mommyland for the past couple of days and finally, I found some girls I feel at home with... probably because they curse.  They're real. I especially enjoyed the few posts they have about homeschooling.  Some are guest posts, and another is about when a neighbor decided to homeschool.  By the way ladies, I would love an update on that.

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