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Friday, October 07, 2011

Homeschooling kids are AWESOME but...

 OK... I love my homeschooling peeps, but I think sometimes we go a little overboard.  Here's why:

I am an elections official, and precinct manager.  I was assigned to a precinct late and had to find a staff quick. After going through everyone who previously worked the district, I put out a call to homeschoolers.  Seemed like a good idea.

I realize it was 'my bad' that I neglected to say what ages I needed election workers to be, but I just kind of assumed that anyone who had ever voted would know that young adults, adults, and elderly would describe the mix of people running the polls.

So the return emails I got were like:  "My freshman and sophomore high schoolers want to work."  or "My 8 and 10 year olds would love to work, are there shifts?"

(Actually, shifts would be an excellent idea, but there are laws with reasons behind them that prevents that.)  But... are you thinking that your 8 year old can walk up to a voter who is using his cell phone when he knows it is not allowed but doesn't care because rules apply to everyone but him and tell him in no uncertain terns to turn off their cell phone?  Or, can your 10 year old smile at a 60 year old who doesn't want to fill out the same form he has filled out for the last 40 year because it is a stupid form, and say, "sorry, you can't vote without it".  Or can your 12 year old stop a car that is circling in the parking lot bearing campaign signs and chase them off?  I doubt it.

In all fairness, these parents just get a little excited when they see such an awesome opportunity for exposure, because that's what we do, expose our kids to learning opportunities. But voting is serious government business and while homeschooling kids are awesome, they are still kids.  Having anyone under 16 work an election would equate to child abuse for them, and babysitting for me.

No thank you.

By the way, I will have 3 homeschoolers working for the election.  My 17 year old son and nephew, and a 16 year old girl. 


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