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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kristen Stewart recalls being forced to homeschool

 Practically no one who commented on the article linked below felt a shred of sympathy for Kristen Stewart, star of Twilight.  Her story is basically that she ended up homeschooling because teachers refused to go the extra mile to help her make up for her absences due to her acting career.

The thing is, anyone who does things differently from the mainstream is made to feel isolated and disapproved of in one way or another. It's sad, but true. It's a shame that her teachers did not show an iota of support to a child, simply because she had ambitions.

Kristen Stewart: My Teachers Failed Me. Not One, But All of Them. The ...
Not One, But All of Them." The Blemish Not One, but All of Them." A lot of people think celebrities are self-entitled brats who have no concept of the real world anymore because they're surrounded by sycophants. Luckily Kristen Stewart is here to dispel that myth. In Britain's GQ magazine, Kristen says her former teachers "failed" to support her while she was out acting and refused to help her catch up on school work while she was shooting on location. She explains that they pretty much forced ...

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