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Friday, October 14, 2011

Why are blacks still getting an inferior education?

This is very disheartening news, but I am not surprised.  It was apparent to me by my daughters first grade year that her chances at a good education were slim to none in our Atlanta suburb.  While my son was doing well at the time (in 3rd grade) or so it seemed, I would find out later that he too was getting shafted on his education.

Some of the things that happened.

Someone stole someone else's food and my daughter was pointed out as the thief because the accuser was afraid of the person who actually did it.  My child was a reluctant eater at the time, so that was just crazy.  When the truth came out, my daughter never received an apology.

My son was denied even testing into the gifted program because his grades were "inconsistent".  They would not take into account that those very few low scores happened on days he was suffering from migraines (which he has thankfully outgrown).  Interestingly enough, when I unenrolled him from public school the teacher asked me why I would try to homeschool such a gifted child.  My response, "NOW HE'S A GIFTED CHILD?".

I am not one to bring up race or use it as an excuse.  I don't believe in surrounding myself with only people that look like me. However, the statistics do not lie.  In my kids cases, they stood out for one major reason, and it was not socioeconomic. It was a melanin issue. Assumptions were often made, like everyone assumed I was a single parent.

 I am so glad we decided to homeschool so my kids would have no reason to feel inferior because of their race.  They now, like me, have friends of many races and nationalities, and are on equal footing academically.  Meanwhile...
LOS ANGELES — A 19-month civil rights investigation of the Los Angeles Unified School District found that the district failed to provide an equal education to English-learners and black students, resulting in wide academic disparities, the U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday.

The investigation also found black students are underrepresented in gifted and talented programs but overrepresented in suspensions and disciplinary actions. Schools with predominantly black populations also lack technology and library resources.
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Happy Elf Mom said...

I wonder if they ever caught the food-stealing culprit. You know, I've heard of this sort of thing happening before with sex molesters. The child is telling the truth, but points out a non-threatening person as the "bad" guy.

I did wonder if you were a single mom for a bit. Most homeschool blogs I visit have lots of "I love my husband" stuff all over 'em if you know what I am talking about. Ok, I don't either.:)

Ahermitt said...

Oh, the child pointed out in private who the real culprit was, after my child was treated like a thief. But the teacher never did apologize. That was just the first awful thing that happened that year. In the first week. It got worse. It was like a campaign to destroy her self esteem. The only thing they praised her for was how fast she could run.

Regarding hubby. Love him to pieces, but I don't orbit him. Plus he is an extremely private person so I can't be broadcasting him all over the net. The funny thing is they all met him, and would always congratulate him on finding time to spend with his kids. Crazy.