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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A bit of encouragement for homeschoolers

Be encouraged and don't second guess yourself. If you allow your homeschooled kid to be themselves, you will be very happy with the end results. Just hang in there, and teach them well, and provide opportunities for exploration. There will be rewards in the end.


HI, it's A. Hermitt and I wanted to give a little encouragement for homeschoolers. I know, from day one, when I began homeschooling, I was always worried. Just worried that I might not be doing the right thing.  Worried that I might not be giving my kids all that they need. Worried that someone was going to prove me wrong and show that I wasn't homeschooling (correctly).  Worried that the out come of our homeschooling was going to be less than what others around us were doing. 

This weekend really helped me to overcome that. Basically, just from the experience. I'm not saying that I won't continue to worry.  My son son is 17, he'll be starting college next fall, my daughter 15,
and she'll be a senior next year.  And I am going to keep worrying probably until they are married with children, and working, and, you know, living their lives.

But this saturday, we took my son up to a college (that had already accepted him). But it is his second choice college, he still is waiting to hear what his first choice college has to day.  It is so refreshing to see how accepted homeschoolers are by college recruiters. A friend of his also goes to this college and he was homeschooled and the recruiter just knew him and this kid was so popular.  We couldn't walk anywhere without someone stopping and talking.  And I guess it's that kids nature, but it just goes to show that homeschoolers are not unsocialized by nature.  Homeschoolers each have their own individual personalities.  For example, my son IS quiet. So people might look at me and say, see, this child hasn't been socialized properly. But my son's been quiet always. When he was in preschool (private traditional school) the teacher was actually under the impression for like 5 MONTHS that he couldn't speak at all!  So, ummmm, he's speaking now (chuckle). So that's a thought.

So the interesting thing is that when we sat down to talk with the recruiter, after we'd said "hi" and had all of the pleasantries, and he'd spoken to my son a little bit, just introductions, and then he said, you're going to have to excuse me but, I need to know more about homeschooling because I have an 8 month old and I've taught in public schools and I think I want to homeschool my kid (big grin).

I mean, that was fabulous, and it just went on from there. And it's a good chance that my son's second choice college may just be my his (Freudian slip) first choice college, because the attitude of the recruiter at his college... we'll see what his first-choice college has to say. But he was offered scholarships that will probably cut the tuition in half, so that won't hurt either.

... And he's just and average student. He's specktacular in that he's himself. He's specktacular in that he's his own person. I didn't create a mastermind super-brain.  I just let my kid be my kid.  I let my kid go where he wanted to go and let my kid do what he wanted to do. (In saying go where he wanted to go and do what he wanted to do, that doesn't mean running the streets with a bad crowd, and getting into whatever they want, if just means exploring and seeing what fits them and what doesn't. And it worked out, and it's working out, and it's going to continue to work out.  ... And I am encouraged, and I want you to be enouraged, so , thank you. FREE HOME EDUCATION WEBSITE


Happy Elf Mom said...

Yay!! I am encouraged by your story. And YES, people who know you understand what you mean by letting your son do what he wants to do. That means he can explore all these educational options, get to know his world, maybe even make a few mistakes here and there. Bravo to ya! And congrats to your son! :)

Ahermitt said...

Sorry about the buzz. Looking into how to fix it.