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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Kids are what you feed them.

I'm not talking about food.


So, crime is running rampant in Atlanta Schools lately, but it's not the kids.  A former bookkeeper, at Jefferson High School, Stone Mountain, agreed to a 10 year sentence after being convicted of using a school card to buy more than $10,000 in products for her personal use. ...And this money was meant for school activities.  And before that Chyrokessia Rucks was sentenced to 15 years probation after
stealing $2300 ($23,000) from Stone Mountain High School.

I mean, first of all, that tells me that there is too much cash and checks going through the school.  They need to use maybe an online acconting method where parents make payments online for any school business so that money is not handled because apparently no one can be trusted with it.  And all school purchases need to be triple signed, apparently.  But if you cant trust the people that are running our schools, who can you trust? How can you expect kids to come out with great values when the people policing them don't have good values. It's quite disturbing.

As a homeschooler, I am not saying that that makes us better than them (public school families) because it does not.  Interesting thing is, I find that all of my worst qualities are all of those same qualities I see in my kids that I am not crazy about.  I can be a little agressive. I can be a little loud.  And so, my daughter is a little loud and a little agressive. So basically, they are what they eat. They are what we show them. So in raising our kids, and teaching our kids, and caring for our kids, we need to put our best examples forward.  And maybe over time, that will change us to be better persons, and there's no reason we should not expect the same from the schools.

So yeah, these people are being prosecuted and going to jail, and I don't feel bad for them because if the kids don't see from example that when you steal, you go to jail, then they are going to wonder why they are sitting in jail for stealing. 

And that's all I have for today.  Bye. 


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