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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Homeschoolers and the GED

Transcript (summarized)

I just want to do a quick video about homeschoolers and the GED.

I hear a lot of people ask me how I prove that homeschooling is complete, that it is done, that the child has learned enough.  And when I answer that we look at what others are doing and what the colleges have done
and write a transcript and a diploma, I get strange looks. 

Then people ask, what about the GED.  What about the GED?

There are some instances where the GED would be helpful to the homeschooler, for instance, in my state, it is very had to get into a state college with just a homeschool diploma.  They tend to require that homeschoolers show proof of education far over and above what a typical applicant into a state college would be required to show (there are a few state colleges that have an exception).  The best way for a homeschooler to get into a GA state college is to have an exemplary SAT or ACT, take extra SATII tests, and/ or do well on the GED exam. This is grossly unfair.

Another reason to take the GED is to get into a community/tech college.  They would have the same issues as with any other state college.

Most homeschoolers, however, tend to go to private colleges to continue with religious freedoms and for small class sizes, etc, so the GED is not necessary.  You just have to show a homeschool transcript and SAT or ACT test scores and these colleges accept homeschoolers readily.

Some time ago, I wrote an article entitled Why homeschoolers will not take the GED and the reasons are:

It's kind of demeaning.  You're telling me that I have to take same test that a high school drop out would take when my level of education is probably higher than most who have graduated.

It carries a lot of stigma.  It says that this person could not complete what an average high schooler could complete when in fact, homeschoolers tend to do a lot more than that.

But I am not saying that a homeschooler should not take the GED, I am saying that they don't have to and they shouldn't have to unless they really want to.

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Roma said...

42 States offer Dual Enrollment, which is much better than a GED.

Ahermitt said...

True Roma, however, it is not easy for homeschoolers to access them. My son considered dual enrollment this year, at a state college and they would not admit him. They wanted a higher ACT score than he needed to enter the college under normal enrollment. Any colleges he could get into for dual enrollment were too far from our home.