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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How did your family react when you announced you were homeschooling?

When I let my family know were were homeschooling, they weren't exactly all nice about it. 

Some of the reactions/ comments:

"One day they are going to outlaw that homeschool mess!"

"I'm not surprised, I always thought you were crazy" (and that was from the supportive person)

Or the relative that came to me at the end of each year and said, "so are you putting the kids back in school next year".  I finally had an emotional outburst and she stopped.

And there there are the relatives that just talked about us behind our back....  now they all want education advice.  Interesting.

Does this video sound familiar?  Actually, I would prefer my family were this nice.


1 comment:

Blondee said...

My own parents reacted with a very supportive 'You aren't smart enough to homeschool your kids!!!' and yes, we get the 'Are you going to let them go to real school, yet?' at the end of each summer/start up of each school year.

(I have been following your Youtube vids for a bit now and enjoy your thoughts and commentary a great deal. Thank you for the kind words yesterday on Uncle Dave's blogpost. :) )