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Friday, January 20, 2012

My final word on Georgia Virtual School

I just answered a series of emails regarding previous posts I made about Georgia and so I thought I would share my final word on the program. It is not that I want to discourage homeschoolers from using the program, but I do want homeschoolers to be careful about putting too much weight on the program.. Here is my reply to an email requesting Clarification:

Here's the deal. To be successful you have to spend two-plus hours per day per class. They even say that in orientation, but my kids and I heard that and said " that's just crazy" and spent the hour a day that they've always spent, per subject.  Eventually, we realized that that was not going to cut the mustard and adjusted. It it was too late. 

Top that of with programming glitches (that we were able to prove existed) that deleted completed work and my kids ended up dropping two of thee classes.  I am not saying don't use GAVS.  I am saying tread lightly. Take the one or two classes that you know you can't help your kid with and then make sure she/he has enough time in the schedule to work on it. Keep in mind that six classes through GAVS means 12 hours a day studying. That leaves no time for creative outlets, sports, or sleep.  

On the plus side, it was engaging and my kids learned a ton... More than they felt they had ever learned in any in-person class.  I just think the school system goes overboard to compensate for lack of face time and grading is also harsher than it would be in an actual classroom.

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