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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mystery Illness at Le Roy High School in Upstate NY is troubling

I have read what the experts have to say, but am having a tough time swallowing it.

After baffling doctors there is a diagnosis. A condition called Conversion Disorder.
"This is subconscious, they're unaware of what they're doing," explained Dr. McVige
Which makes Conversion Disorder very complicated to diagnose and treat.
The disorder is caused solely by psychological factors, not a neurological or other medical condition.
"What it maybe stressors, things that are uncomfortable events in your life mount up inside and kind of manifest itself in a physical manner," continued McVige.

12 girls at one highschool all get the same illness and they are calling it hysterical?  I am not a medical expert, but it appears to be environmental to me.  Maybe it's even food-bourne?

(note: changed video... other video stopped working)

Several of them are now being homeschooled.

I wonder if this can't be somehow related to a disorder called PANDAS



Happy Elf Mom said...

Try GARDASIL. Note how only girls are getting it... have yet to see a news story that goes into depth on which vaccines they are getting and when and what ELSE is going on. It could be vaccine plus environmental. I'm not anti-vax but I'm also not stupid enough to think these things are not without risks, yk?

Ahermitt said...

One article I read said every girl had not had GARDISIL. I do know my 15 yr old has not had that shot.

Anonymous said...

They are conscious of it...just involuntary, like sneezing, restless leg (jerks in the legs). My mother had a similiar condition...that turned chronic following years of misdignosis and harmful meds, turned into Neuro borellias (or Lyme disease)following years of immunosuppresent use. She suffered horribly and passed away last August. My father has restless leg syndrome...doesn't do meds, treats it naturally. Seems to me it's the bodies response to pathogens...for example, how the involuntary nervous system kicks in..just like with sneezing to prevent pathogens from the nose from being inhaled into the body. My family was in the military and lived on some very toxic sites. The first I remember my mother becomming ill and hopitalized, was symptoms very similar to VOC poisening.

Anonymous said...

I too believe that the girls should be tested and retested for lyme disease.Lyme disease is an issue in Western NY and left untreated can cause many symptoms. Don't give up if the first tests for lyme disease come back negative. It can be very tricky to test for!

victoria said...

I agree 100% that it is PANDAS. I went through this with my son a few years ago. Almost identical. How can we get the suggestion to the families??? My heart breaks for these girls and their famiies.

sourcing from china said...

I think that situation was because of Food, your observation was right!

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usethebrainsgodgiveyou said...

Interesting! I think one day we will wake up when we find just how many "psychiatric illnesses" are virally induced.