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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Weekend at CITA

 This past weekend we went to the CITA (Christians in the Theater Arts) High School Festival.

It is a competition and college fair for Theater minded Christian Students.  My daughter participated in 3 events and while she did not win in any of them, she got great feedback she can use to try again.  A bunch of her friends from her homeschool program did do very well, so we have a great time celebrating their victories.

While the kids were there to show their stuff and get feedback on their acting chops, the parents (in our case anyway) are there to hear from colleges interested in recruiting these talented kids. (This is how we found the college my son will be attending in the fall).  It was interesting to talk to these colleges with strong theater departments and hear then complement her performances and talk about what they had to offer.  It was also great to see my husband come around to accept theater as a real college major... though he still wants to see a minor in writing.

I am very thankful that we have been able to let our child focus on something she truly loves during her education.  As we approach the end of her Jr. year, I can see how much  studying theater has made her a secure, confident young woman.  If it were not for homeschooling, I don't think she could have placed as much emphasis on the arts.


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Happy Elf Mom said...

Eep, end of JUNIOR year... eep. I know what you mean about not being able to place that much emphasis if she were in school. There is just no time after school, really... at least quality time in which one is awake, right? :)

PS Your troll must be back as you are enabling comments. Bummer.