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Monday, February 06, 2012

I don't need no public school programs

I just read a column in the Washington Post where the writer, John Kelly, makes an argument for keeping homeschoolers out of public schools.

I agree, but for different reasons.

In his case, he has a distaste for homeschoolers taking spots from kids who go to the school, either in theater or sports, or whatever.

In my case, I have a distaste for how we sometimes take the easy way out and try to get into public programs instead of pitching in and creating a homeschool alternative.

Sure, homeschool clubs can cost more in time, money, and effort, but isn't homeschooling supposed to be parents giving of themselves to provide their children with a superior education?  If so, then why are so many homeschoolers trying to get back in public schools so they can pick and choose the ideal activities for their kids.  Not only does this put your child back in the situation you did not like in the first place, but it weakens strength of programs that we as homeschoolers can create.

Somewhere along the way, during the duration of my homeschooling tenure, I feel that we have lost sight of the "homeschooling community" and what we can accomplish when we band together.  Maybe it was that the internet made it easy for us to communicate without actually meeting.  Maybe it was because those who have been doing it all along got tired, and those coming behind were looking for something that wasn't truly homeschooling, but instead the best of both worlds.

Yeah, that's probably it.  But that's not homeschooling, and neither is going to joining public school clubs and teams.


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