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Saturday, March 03, 2012

So grateful for grammar writing software

 Writing makes me feel insecure.

Will my clients like my article?

Am I teaching my homeschooled kids to write well?

With clients, good writing can be subjective.  The basics are the basics, of course, but one has to capture the personality of the website or publication the writer is working for.

With so many variables, I have to figure out the last thing I need to worry about is a grammatical error.  Since I can not afford a personal editor, it is wonderful to have a grammar checker  website for my revision and grammar checking process.

With students, One must pick and choose what to correct and when.

With young kids, I have purposely overlooked miss-spellings and jacked-up punctuation in order to encourage their love for writing.  My main goal has been to make sure they understood the assignment and were able to communicate in writing what they were trying to say.

As young writers mature, the teacher or homeschooled parent can zero in more and more on different errors they make until their writing is near perfect.

Currently, I am tackling issues like noun-verb agreement, passive sentences and homonym horrors.  Once they pretty much have a handle on these things, it is great to know that I will be able share with them the same tools I have used before presenting my writing to the general public.


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Please keep this bit of spam. It's just so funny it needs to stay. :)