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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bombarded with College Recruiting (homeschool friendly)

It is April.  My son graduates in 4 weeks and we are getting bombarded with college emails and postcards...NOW.

I would have loved these back in September, when we were visiting schools and making decisions.  But these correspondences at this late date are a little unfortunate.  I do realize that there are some kids who have not made their first choice colleges, or who STILL have not applied at all and need to get on it now, but I feel like colleges that send recruitment material this late in the game are missing out.

So.. I guess if your homeschooled kid is still looking, I have a list of schools to consider.  The solicitations we get are mostly from schools with strong Graphic Design and Art programs and/or strong Christian
colleges. It is clear they found him through his ACT profile.  (They all also seem to be very homeschool friendly).

There are a few more art college solicitations, but they came earlier, and I've lost track.  I am sharing these so that other homeschoolers are aware of the colleges that sought us out.... so they can look at them while they are still in the searching process.  My son applied early to SCAD Atlanta , Anderson, and Toccoa Falls and was accepted at all of them.  He chose Anderson, another college that is EXTREMELY homeschool friendly.  You will also want to check it out.  

While SCAD also claims to be homeschool friendly, they were least accepting of our mommy transcript and homeschool portfolio... but he still got a modest scholarship when I was done jumping through hoops.

oh yeah... I almost forget.  Bob Jones University  has us on autodial.  Probably because my kids have attended their  High School Festival every year. 


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