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Thursday, May 03, 2012

and About the homeschool prom

My kids' homeschool prom is tomorrow.  SO THERE  for anyone who thinks the most important thing to discuss when you say you are homeschooling is "what about the prom"... really?  It happens.

Now this is the 3rd year my kids have gone to homeschool prom, more appropriately dubbed, Spring Formal.   One of my kids loves it, the other hates it.  The hater, of course, doesn't like to dance... at all.  The other is a social butterfly, and so the prom is heavenly.  Regardless, they are both going.  I don't want him to someday regret not going. (Did I ever mention that my husband and my relationship started at prom.)  You never know what you may miss.

Homeschool prom is quite atypical, as are homeschoolers.  First, there's the whole prom date issue.  While a
couple of kids may have used the prom for an excuse to ask someone out who've they had an eye on, for the most part, prom dates are not a big deal... at all.  The kids who have been dating someone already, are of course going together. The kids who have been "single" all year, are of course going solo. I asked my "single" daughter about the possibility of a date, and she gave me a blank stare and said "what for" as in, why do I need a man to have a good time?  Point well taken.  My husband also approached my son, who is a Sr., and he also felt no desire to ask anyone out to the prom.  I'll just thank God for a household with no teen angst.

So who throws the prom anyway?  The families, or a family... someone in a group of homeschoolers tends to get the ball rolling.  Though our city also has a yearly homeschool prom at the old courthouse that I hear is very nice, a wonky date, like during one of our plays.  Anyway, my kids' spring formal will be with their homeschool arts "school".  These kids have classes together once a week, drama club, chorus, and the like, so it is natural for them to want to have their Spring Formal together.  While the city sponsored prom is open to all homeschoolers, our prom is for members and invitees.

That brings me to the reason I am sitting here, writing this post, stalling.  Set up.  I have been dubbed to help decorate this year.  Waaaaaa!  It is a lot of work.  I need to go get showered now and go finish a mural that was started by the kids.  I guess I'll blog again after the prom is over. 


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