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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silly Homeschoolers

Everybody makes mistakes but when we make mistakes we like to blame it on being homeschoolers (in jest of course). Today, we had two doozies!

#1: After driving across the county twice, I stopped for a quick appointment that was supposed to take 5 minutes.  We were tired and out of gas, but it was important.  After 10 minutes waiting to see the person I had to speak to, I called my kids out in the car and told them to turn on the air conditioning, but watch the gas.  (Don't call DFACS, they're both teens).  As I walked back out to the car, I heard what sounded like someone trying to start a car, but the battery was dead.  Too bad I thought.  Then I found out it was my car.  To watch the gas, they only turned on the battery and drained it dead using the air conditioning and charging games.  We spent the next hour waiting, getting attacked by ants, and finally having someone other than roadside assistance starting the car.

#2:  We get home and I go straight to the kitchen to make dinner.  I look in the sink and it looks like we had a sewage back up.  I try to clean the sink and turn on the garbage disposal and it sounds like it's working, only muffled.  I asked my daughter who I knew was in the kitchen last if she noticed anything.  She says, "no, but a put a lemon down the drain to freshen it".  Hmmm I think.  I poked around a few more minutes, then it hit me.... she didn't cut the lemon up. .... yep, there was a whole lemon stuffed down my garbage disposal.  I fished it out, plunged it to get it going and sliced the lemon before putting it back down the drain.

Silly homeschoolers.


1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom said...

OHHH what a day!! Funny, though. :)