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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Educating Black boys part 2

Remember my post about educating black boys?   Remember me complaining about a boy who was an honors student in one school, only to be called unteachable in the next?

Well, in 6 weeks time, this young man was helped by a homeschool consultant who helped him meet graduation requirements.  In this short time period time, he made up for 3 semesters of math, which was never assigned to him.  Not only did he learn it, but he demonstrated that knowledge by knocking the ACT exam out of the park.

This kid who the counselor would not give permission for a standardized test...
This kid who the counselor would not put in proper math classes...
This kid who the counselor said would not finish high school even in 1 more year...
Yeah, this kid, will be starting college in a few weeks.

Homeschooling can turn a failure into a glowing success.


1 comment:

usethebrains godgiveyou said...

OMG----Makes you wonder how many other kids this is happening to. We home school moms know this, but not everybody does.

You should be shouting this from the rooftops! (Sorry, drama mama a bit here...)