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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The View snubs their noses at homeschooling

Rosanne Barr guest hosted on The View today in Whoopie Goldberg's absence.  She mentioned that her grandkids were homeschooled for 2 years and now they are back in school.  Immediately the ladies attempted to deflect and get off the subject.

Sherri Shepard balked that she is too lazy to homeschool.

Joy Behar made faces and tried to make jokes.  When Rosanne said there was the option to get families together and maybe hire an out of work teacher, Joy make a hostile sounding remark about Little House on
the Prairie.

Ms. Walters remarked "or they could go to school like other children!"

Elizabeth Hasselbeck remained silent.

I... was annoyed. It seemed like they were afraid to say anything too bad about it, but definitely did not want homeschooling promoted on their show. 

Rosanne stood her ground that is was a valuable option and I think did manage to get her point across.  I am glad about that, but was kind of horrified when I found this clip of her attempting to  homeschool her grandkids one day. Let's just call it substitute homeschooling 


1 comment:

Ariella said...

Hi Ahermitt,

I was quite fascinated by this post. I homeschool in the UK, where homeschooling is deemed very unusual and most homeschoolers are regarded with suspicion.
I always thought it was different in the US; that it was more widely accepted and not particularly out of the ordinary. I find so many great US homeschool sites full of excellent resources and support.
So sad that the other ladies on the show wanted to change the subject.
Over here, discussions about homeschooling only seem to take place on the TV following child abuse cases and then the discussions are very biased against us.

Your website is inspiring. I'm looking forward to reading more. Take care.