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Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Morning America Announces Homeschooling is going Mainstream

Good Morning America announces homeschooling is going mainstream. But we already knew that didn't we. 
The better news is that the piece, while a fluff piece, is overwhelming positive.  There's only one caveat: 

 "And while the homeschooling movement grows, educators are poised to see what happens when a new generation of homeschooled kids go away to college."

Seeing that I know dozens of homeschooled young adults who have completed college and are now in the workplace, I gather they aren't looking hard enough.  Plus based on the number of homeschoolers at my son's college and they amount of visibility these kids have (there were tons helping with registration and orientation), i'd say homeschoolers are kicking butt on the college level, striving more so to be involved than than partying and obsessing over grades.  

Still, it's good to have an honorable mention.


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Happy Elf Mom said...

*whew* Well, as long as Good Morning America thinks it's mostly ok to do...