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Friday, August 03, 2012

Homeschooler wins the gold

To be truly dedicated to Olympic training, young people need to be able to put all of their time and effort into training. Homeschooling allows them to do this as they can schedule their learning around their training.  Here is a list of current Olympic athletes who were homeschooled. 

Congratulations to Gabrielle Douglas who is homeschooled and says it that homeschooling  helps to build self- discipline and time management

 Other prominent Olympians who are or where homeschoolers are:

Danell Leyva- Homeschooled from 2nd grade and self taught since seventh grade
David Boudia- Homeschooled since 2nd semester of his Jr. year

Haley Ishimatsu-Homeschooled and felt that "high school social life is really just over rated"
Thomas Finchum-Homeschooled to have a more flexible schedule
Kelci Bryant- Homeschooled for the last year
Anna James- Homeschooled

There are a couple of others who have been listed as homeschoolers, but I could not find proof.  If you know of another athlete who was homeschooled and have a link to back it up, please add it in the comments section.


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Xhonane Olivas said...

thank you for sharing great news for the homeschool community!!