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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Questions about my accelerated homeschooler

I've been asked a lot of question about my accelerated homeschooler lately.  The conversation tends to go like this.

Them:  So, now that your son is starting college, you only have one child to homeschooling.  What is she now?  A Sophomore?

Me:  No, she's a Senior.

Them:  A Senior?

Me:  A Senior.

Them:  So, did you rush her through so you could be done? (knowing smile)

Me: No. Both kids worked at their own pace and both were on pace to graduate at about 16.  My son decided at 11th grade level that he didn't want to graduate so soon, so he took longer.  My daughter made it
clear that she hadn't worked this hard to stop now, and so she is a Senior.

Them:  What criteria do you have that designates her a s Senor?

Me: She has finished the scope and sequence and is on the last few "classes" (curriculum) that she needs to graduate.  In other words, she has completed more than 4 credits worth of Language Arts, Math, History, Science, and more than 2 credits of Spanish, plus a whopping heap of electives.  This qualifies her to graduate and to go to college.

Them:  So do your kids get a diploma?  What do colleges look at when considering them for acceptance.

Me:  Well, first they look at SAT or ACT scores.  Some colleges look at GPA as well, especially if the GPA aligns with the SAT scores.  If the diploma is accredited (as is happening in my daughter's case, they automatically consideder the GPA as well.

Them:  So you actually have proof (accreditation) that your daughter is ready for college?  How does accredtiation work?

Me: A person or organization with accreditation credentials looks over all of the work she has done and approves it as being thorough and meeting standards.

Them:  So why didn't your son get accreditation?

Me:  It wasn't necessary.  The college he wanted was more than happy to accept him on terms of his test scores and demonstrated talents?

Them:  So why does your daughter need accreditation?

Me: She is competing for specific scholarships where they need to have a GPA.

Them:  Wow.

Me: Smirk.

I have had this conversation or close to it a lot lately...  There was a time when I wouldn't entertain such questioning, but now I understand that people are truly intrigued by homeschooling.  If I were evasive or dismissive they would find the whole this suspect.  I think people are more willing to consider homeschooling these days because we are willing to discuss it... even though sometimes we are questioned by people who only want to find reasons to say homeschooling is bad.  Mostly I find that people are just curious... (lately anyway).



Happy Elf Mom said...

Yeah, I kinda see both sides of that whole thing. It would be interesting if homeschoolers got to be the majority and could grill public schoolers with questions like, "How do you know she knows enough to actually go to college? Have you even read her high school textbooks?"

Just do whatever works! Are these people surprised that you are not a bonnet-wearing "keepers of the home" type person when it comes to your daughter? You never quite struck me that way. :)

Ahermitt said...

That's a good question happy. The people who ask these questions are not homeschoolers and are not as probably aware of that "type" as you and I. Actually they are people who know me and know how important education is to me, so expect college for BOTH my kids. They are just surprised that my younger daughter is nipping at big brother's heels.

As for people who are that type, I recognize them, and they recognize me pretty much immediately as not being of the same ilk. I don't question them and they don't question me.

Blondee said...

Ahermitt, I wish that HALF of all homeschoolers were as well spoken and full of knowledge as you are. You represent our 'kind' impeccably well. Thank you!