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Friday, September 07, 2012

Must remember to use technology

  I can't believe that I have been surrounded by all of this technology in my home, yet, I neglect to use it.  Each person in my home has a computer, and an iPad, and a smartphone, and one also has a Kindle (and is already checking out the new Kindles being released today).   Some computers are newer than others.  Some iPads are bordering on Dinosaur status.  Some smartphones are really paperweights and need replacing, but the point is... this household is chock-full of technological tools. But we are not using them.

We tend to forget that iPads are for much more than Angry Birds and Scrabble. Iphone are for more than chatting and texting. Laptops are for more than word processing and bill paying.  We have to get it through our heads that each and everyone of these tools that we own, love, and use have a bazillion uses that we are
not taking advantage of.

Case in point- my son just got is iPad from his college and some teachers are using interactive curriculum (at astronomical prices) formulated for the iPad that help with retention.  Other teachers are having kids submit work through drop-box instead of on paper. This tool accessible through ipad and computer. Other teachers however, still like to lecture in a monotone voice and won't even let the kids record them (another tool that all these devices have) just in case they fall asleep.  He'll probably ask for double-spaced hand-written term papers. In his defense, we got all the books for is class for $40.

Yesterday, as my daughter forgot some of her music for her piano lessons again, the piano teacher asked my why we didn't just upload all of her music to her iPad.  My answer is that I hadn't thought of it.  There is the other problem that she has her Dad's old version 1 which does not have a camera, so we need to scan all of the pages and email it to her, then open it up on her Ipad and save the page... a bit of a pain, but what an excellent idea.  If her Kindle can hold every book she's read this year, plus a few she wants to get to, then why can't her iPad hold all of her music repertoire?  Duh!   (of course there's the issue of us demanding this iPad stays in the house because she tends to lose and break things, but I think we can start letting her use it for Piano.)

Sooo...  what technology do you use and how do you use it for homeschooling or other unique needs?  I want to know all of the things I am missing out on by not being creative.


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Happy Elf Mom said...

We have a nook, the old plain kind. Then Emperor will just read when we are out, no surfing, no troubles. :)