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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oooops. Did I do that?

Best innocent face.  (From passenger seat!)
Me: (in passenger seat)  The curb.  THE CURB!
Daughter: (in drivers seat) What curb? (thump) Ohhhh, that curb (thump)

I think she was more focussed on pulling into McDonalds than anything.  She wanted Monopoly game pieces.  We ordered what we thought would get those pieces and got home to find out there were none.  Bummer.

I tend to vent a bit about my kid, but I love her to pieces.  She's funny, and talented, and I am glad to say that the ADD child (according to the school) that I had on my hands in Pre-k through 1st grade is now a mature-ish, beautiful, quirky, entertainer who has grown into her skin.

I'm not saying she doesn't have her faults, because she does.  There is still some mental hyperactivity going on, and a level of distractedness (see above).  But if you look at the kid the schools claimed I was going to end up with, she is a superstar in comparison.

So don't believe what they tell you.  Don't let negativity be spoken into your child's life.  You speak positivity into them instead. They might surprise you.


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