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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cranky until further notice

I'm really in a mood.  There's just a lot going on right now and I am morphing into "her".
"Her" is my cranky alter-ego who "goes there", and people really don't like to deal with her.  So until further notice, the beast is out, and "sweat Andrea" is on hiatus... unless seriously needed.

Here's the things that are contributing to my crankiness.

1.  The Election: As a voter and human being in these United States of America, it just burns by britches, that I am surrounded by what I perceive as idiots. Sheep. Cattle.  I hear people talking about politics all the time but not one single person is saying anything that I didn't already hear on TV.  Original thought.... anyone?

2. The Election:  As an area manager for elections in my county, I am gearing up and getting workers ready for the election.  I am working my behind off, for what seems like a good wage for one day of work, except that I am putting in hours and hours and hours of "volunteer hours" in preparation for the
day. ... and people are being... dumb.  How are you going to send me an email that says "I know this is not how we do things but..... and expect me to forward that to my superiors when you and I know that everything we do has some sort of legislation attached to it????  Really?

3.  Politics:  I just realized last night that when deciding to live in my current state I didn't research politics.  Because politically, it was a bad match.  I'd voted primarily one party for most of my life, and then moved to a state where everyone voted the other party.  Heck, I even switched over to that party for a bit myself.  But then I remembered who I was.  I will be moving to a city area where there are pockets that share my political and social sensibilities.  Standing out is exhausting, and I am getting too old for this stuff.

4.  The Teenager:  Because I am already so cranky, my kid is sending me over the edge.  You all know that 16 year-old's are smarter than their parents, or at least they think so, right?  Well my kid keeps giving me this look.....  I swear, she better not be standing too close to me...   But when I say things like "don't look at me like that".... to my husband, I'm the one that sounds crazy.

5.  Money:  My son is in college and we are too "wealthy" for any kind of financial aid whatsoever.  Paying cash for our share of tuition (he did get scholarships) has sucked all of the wiggle out of my budget.  I liked my wiggle.  This tight budget nonsense is for the birds... and oh.. let's not forget that another one starts college in the fall... if she lives long enough.... I have started job hunting.  So what industry is best for a former homeschooling parent of 10 years that pays enough to put 2 kids through college?

I should probably stop... my head is starting to spin and I feel green stuff coming up in my throat.  There may be a part two later.

ps.  I hate "Everyone has a story".  I don't mind the stories, but the dramatical songs about the stories make me want to stab myself in my already ringing (tinnitus) ear!



Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh, you're having a day! But doesn't it feel nice to vent?! lol Maybe a nice latte would fix you up.

But seriously, I don't even get involved in politics. I quietly vote the way I'm going to vote. Just don't want to deal with all the people and as you said, their parroting of what they hear on TV. So annoying.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but with teenagers you know nothing now. Until they're like 28-30. Then they get it and think you're cool again.

Berta D said...

LOVE your post. Hope you feel better after you got it all out. Ben & Jerry's anyone.

Berta D said...

LOL, I hope you are having a better moment. Ben & Jerry's anyone. I am on the two job homeschooling mama train too, LOve Life hah

Andrea said...

AHHHH...this has nothing to do with anything other than your name. Mine is Andrea too. How is yours pronounced? Mine is On Dree uh.

Ahermitt said...

Hi Andrea, mine is pronounced Ahn Drey ah!

Blondee said...

*backs away slowly*

It does sound like a lot, just the teen and the college funding would be enough to grump me up. Leave the whole farce of an election right out of it. Last night after the debates I was floored at the stupidity on Facebook. Uuugh.

Hope you get some rest and rejuventation. ;)

Happy Elf Mom said...

I'm like, hiding almost everyone on facebook. Crazy stuff. No one DOES have an original thought... yep.

usethebrains godgiveyou said...

Original thought? I spent one election being drugged by the kool-aid one side was passing out. I realized a lot of politics depends on gossip. What one "learns" is just one side's version.

I try not to get involved with it. But I sure as heck do vote!