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Friday, October 12, 2012

Planning the college visits

As of today, my daughter has 2 college acceptance letters, both with merit scholarship offers attached.  This is very good. Also, where my son got about a dozen different colleges soliciting him last year, my daughter gets about a dozen a week. It's insane.  All of this activity gives both me and her a little wind under our wings and makes us want to see where else should she apply to.  How far should she go?

We had planned to visit NY this winter to go to a couple of plays.  Perhaps we should head there early to check out AADA and AMDA, two theater conservatories in New York.  Perhaps we should get flights to Florida, and check out the College
of Fine Arts at the University of Florida?  It could be a good idea.

So far, we already have several visits planned somewhat locally, two of which she already knows she is accepted.  Because she is younger than the typical high school senior, I have been hesitant to let her go more than 1 hour away.  I have been telling her she can transfer out in 2 years, at which point, she should probably consider a music or theater conservatory to expand her gift.

It's really difficult to decide which schools to visit and which to skip.  I know my son ended up choosing a school that he never toured, although he had toured others.  I know many other kids who just go on a couple of tours to see what a big college is like and what a small college is like and never see their actual chosen college until Freshman orientation.  I also know that each visit can cost anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars....

What to do... what to do?


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Anonymous said...

AMDA is so expensive and the average scholarship that I have seen awarded is in the $5000 - $7500 range. Their scholarships barely put a dent in the cost to attend. Have they identified alternative grants and/or scholarships taht are not need based for your daughter?