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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carnival of Homeschooling: No two are alike

Whenever I host a Carnival of Homeschooling, I read the posts as they come in and try to see how they may tie in together- to see if a theme may emerge.  This time I found less similarities than in previous issues.  To me, this shows how homeschooling has evolved since I began 10 long years ago. Back then, every homeschooler I met was an Evangelical Christian, and homeschooling mostly for religious reasons.  This made me stand out because while I am Christian, I wouldn't call myself Evangelical, and I was homeschooling out of what I felt was necessity.  

Personally, I find comfort in the diversity that has evolved in the homeschooling community, and would like to celebrate in this edition of The Carnival of Homeschooling.  

Carnival of Homeschooling

Peeking in:  If you were to peek into the houses of several homeschoolers, you would find some busy at school.  You would find others laid back.  Others still would seem to be in a state of complete Chaos. The following posts

demonstrate those differences. 

Henry presents My homeschooling day at Why Homeschool saying, Henry shares his homeschooling experience when he stays home from work. 

Mindy Hoffmann presents Red Planet Day- November 28 at Den School, saying Get resources and ideas to help celebrate Red Planet Day by studying Mars.

Andrea Presents When Homeschoolers get real at Notes from a Homeschooled Mom, saying This was my worst day... what was yours? 

Curriculum Issues: The following posts demonstrate how the old boxed homeschool curriculums may be a bit passé as each homeschooling family attempts to customize curriculum for their own needs.

Happy Elf Mom presents Starting to hate Christian Curriculum at Homeschool And Etc. saying, "Happy Elf Mom is unhappy with the inaccuracies in her homeschool science curriculum."

Jamie Gaddie presents Is Your History Study Dry and Dusty? Make it Come Alive... at The Time4Learning Community Blog

Values: Teaching children values are still very prevalent in homeschooling and with that comes a great deal of encouragement, seen at different degrees, and in varied situations.  I hope these encouraging posts are uplifting to you.

Sabrina presents I Corinthians 13 for Homeschool Moms posted at 7 Sisters Homeschool saying, "If I have a faith that can move mountains of laundry and dishes each day, but do not have love, I am nothing."  A fun look at a well-known Bible passage...with ahomeschool twist!

Shirley Braun presents Finding the Blessings at "Homeschool" is Not a Typo saying  "Our house got broken into and robbed on Thanksgiving.  But instead of feeling down about the whole situation, we are aware of the many blessings that we have recieved, even in this experience.  We also turned to the scriptures to find inspiration and perspective."

Chris Shaw Presents Homeschool Values at Homeschool vs. Public School saying: The values that we are able to show and teach our children are powerful tools! When we show them by our actions, attitudes and behaviors we drive home the lessons that will guide them through out their lives. I am so thankful that we live in a society that allows us this wonderful blessing!

Phyllis Sather presents Who are you waiting for - Jesus or Santa? at Proclaiming God's Faithfulness.   saying, Encouragement to keep your eyes on Jesus by celebrating Advent and watching for His coming.

Political: Homeschooling and politics can be a sticky situation, and we see all types, though some are more vocal than others.  While overall, homeschoolers are conservative, there are many who are of other political persuasions.  This is demonstrated in the following posts.

Lori Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit presents Ron Paul expects homeschool movement to play revolutionary role. 

Andrea presents I am in an unhappy place at Notes from a homeschooled mom saying, the Presidential Race seriously took a toll on me. 

Advice Column:  The following entries veer off of the main topic, but nevertheless are useful.  Enjoy this advice column section from various websites and businesses, some of which are connected to homeschooling and homeschoolers.  (Those posts unrelated to homeschooling and education were not included.)

Katheen Weiss Presents The Winter Holidays at Time4Learning.net saying, "This Article lists some ways to make homeschooling work during the busy holiday season."

Steve Jackson presents 10 Storage Ideas for Saving Some of Your Child’s Homework posted at Housekeeping.

Joe Taylor presents 10 Signs Your Child is a Gifted and Talented Student posted at Live Out Nanny.

MITCHELL MORRIS presents 10 Reasons Grounding Your Child is Not Working posted at Full Time Nanny.



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