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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grading subjects that haven't been taught

I can't tell you how many times I have heard people ask, "how do you decide their grades?"  "How do we know you are even teaching the subjects you say you are teaching?"  That's a really good question, and I suggest people start directing that to the brick and mortar schools and away from homeschoolers.

It is actually a fact that there are teachers giving less and less science instruction, and just filling in the blank or report cards.  Yes, grading a subject they never taught.  It's a shame really.  It's clear that there is little time to teach science due to all the testing and preparing for tests that are going on.  But with a
little license to be creative, there is no reason to leave out science or any subject.

READING and Comprehension exercises can cover any subject known to man.  It's called cross curricular studies.  Here are some worksheets right here that you can use to test the method.  It is also referred to as integrated curriculum.

Interestingly enough, without being familiar with either of these terms, I have in fact been known to award Language Arts grades without having any kind of formal curriculum.  (Operative word-FORMAL) A simple reading list and the papers they had written for science and social studies (with grammar review) were all I really needed to evaluate their progress in the subject.


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Happy Elf Mom said...

I suppose vaguely one must READ a science text and that counts as reading. But mostly I find English-y science (write an essay about the water cycle!) to be one of those things that would actually turn bright children who would otherwise excel OFF the subject.

Though at the same time of course all subjects have overlap because life does. :)