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Monday, December 03, 2012

Homeschool presuppositions and confessions

Here's a pretty neat vlog done by homeschool brothers who are now in college.  They surveyed a lot of college students about their original thoughts on homeschooling, and also asked homeschoolers questions about confessions that revealed a bit of homeschool weirdness.

Every now and then you see a little bit of homeschool oddities coming from my kids in the unique
way they may decide to pronounce a word, or in that they are geeks and proud of it.

Personally, as a homeschool mom, my confession would be that I feel like I have NOTHING in common with most homeschoolers... except that I wore denim jumpers regularly before we started homeschooling, but tossed them out when I realized it was a homeschool "uniform".

My presupposition about homeschooling was that the parents I met seemed a little more involved in their kids life than I wanted to be.  I thought they should get a life and leave their kids alone. Turned out, I did get pretty darned involved and has been pretty enjoyable.  I still have my interests, but watching my kids grow up has been my greatest pleasure.  I am glad I got over my prejudices and jumped in.

What did you think about homeschoolers originally?
Has that changed?
What are you/ your kids homeschool confession?


1 comment:

My name is Tiffany said...

Great video I wonder where they go to school. I did not have any pre conceived ideas about homeschoolers. I guess I was around enough hs families that I did find home education strange.