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Friday, December 28, 2012

Looking forward to the New Year(s)

I am excited about the new year.  I am always genuinely enthusiastic about  New Year's when the preceding year has been especially dreadful.  Ok, it wasn't all that bad, just financially tight and a bit depressing on a personal and national basis. Between the Election, and mass shootings, I feel affected and drained.

So anyway, whenever I have felt this way before, and greeted the new year with open arms, the next year has been fabulous and so I am claiming a fabulous New Year.

Here's my problem though.

I can't envision a whole year ahead of me.

I can only see the next six months because my life will be changing so much halfway through the year. Because my girl is graduating and I have no more children at home, I feel like halfway though the year I will be making a brand new start.  So year 2013.1 I will be working hard to make sure my girl finishes her high school program, successfully and happily.  Then year 2013.2, I will work to make sure she transitions into college well, and that I transition well into empty nester status.  Wooo-hooo.

Sorry, I can't say empty nester without squealing.  It's not that I want them to go... and my husband certainly does not want them to go, but life is about change and growth, and I have been in this holding pattern for a while.  I am ready to change and grow.

Happy New Year.



Happy Elf Mom said...

A year is way too much to REALLY think on all at once, even a "usual" year, right?

Jackie P said...

I think it is o.k. to have a general idea of what the year's goals are and what the year might bring, but all in all, I like more bite size chunks to deal with.

I am sure you and your daughter will have a fantastic last 6 months, then you will be focused on college or whatever her goals are.

Have you ever been to Let's Homes School High School? They have a fantastic site full of things not just for high school, but college prep. The site is free. They are also on Facebook. I have found lots of great info there. It's my fave high school homeschool site.

I think the FB site is HS_Homeschool

All the best in 2013!