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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Oh, the smoothly run homeschool

If I compared myself to other homeschoolers, this blog post on 10 ways to make your homeschool run smoothly would make me cry.  In the bloggers defense, she has 5 kids aged 5-15.  If she were not this organized, she's probably be in the fetal position in a corner somewhere.  I recommend you read it as there are some nuggets here that are very useful.   But since I have 2 kids 2 years apart, we've had a more ... organic existence.

As we are in our last year of homeschooling, our existence has few rules as they are pretty self managing.  This list is much more for me than for them.

1.  Wake up at a reasonable hour because none of us like to do schoolwork in the evening hours.

2.  Make sure there is food in the house so everyone eats nutritious meals.
3.  Give the teen (s) a list of academics to complete either weekly or daily.  They prefer (preferred) to be given lists and then left alone.
4.  Remember to check the assigned work so I can help them learn concepts they did not understand.
5.  Work fun outside activities into our life.  Or at some point, limit them.
6.  Try to make sure they have clean clothes that fit.  Why do they insist on looking like the homeless?
7.  Update record keeping at least monthly, before I lose everything.
8.  Kill no one...  Because Lord knows, sometimes I feel homicidal.
9.  Be nice to others, especially around kids. I noticed they mimic my behaviors, and I prefer them kind.
10.  Take a time out when you feel like killing the kids.  Yes, there's a theme.


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