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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vocal Rest means no talking

My daughter has been on vocal rest all week, and will be through the weekend to make sure she is able to sing in her full range when she gets on stage.  It seems she got the secondary infection (after the flu) that we fought so hard to prevent.  There has been some improvement though... it's looking good.  Cross your fingers for her.

Meanwhile, treatments to help her get her voice back have been....  messy and interesting.

She has to
1. Gargle
2. Breath steam
3. Use a netti pot (yes, we have to pour saline water into her nose and watch it come out the other side!)
4.  Use Ricola cough drops or put a drop of tea tree oil in the back of the throat.

5.  Wrap up her head like a mummy at all times.

Struggling to get this kid healthy has been as difficult as getting a cat into a carrier.  That would be OK if she was a little kid who I could catch, then overpower.  But this is a 16 year old woman.  She's big, she's strong, and she's fast.  It was totally worth the struggle though to see the funny way she panted as she tried to breath through her mouth as I poured water through her sinuses! I also got her back by dragging her to the mall to get her eyebrows done today.

All that, and she can't tell me off because she can't talk...  But that doesn't stop the sarcasm from dripping from her cellphone notepad. (she is typing instead of talking)


1 comment:

Happy Elf Mom said...

I am SO glad this happened under your watch instead of first semester, freshman year of college. :)